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How To Maintain Twist Wigs so They Last Longer

How To Maintain Twist Wigs so They Last Longer

Having your natural hair set into twist braids can take hours. Luckily, there’s an easier option you can choose if you don’t have the time or patience to sit in the stylist’s chair for an afternoon. Twist wigs can give you the same look without requiring you to spend time at the salon.

But if you’re new to twist wigs or wigs in general, you should know that there is some maintenance involved with them. You must perform upkeep to make sure that your wig lasts as long as it should. If you don’t care for a braided wig properly, you can end up with frizzy ends and other signs of damage, which will shorten its lifespan. That said, twist wigs require much less maintenance than actual twists in your hair.

Learn how to maintain twist wigs so they last longer. With this information, you can skip the stylist’s chair and get some of your valuable time back!

Caring for a Braided Twist Wig

Caring for a twist wig isn’t too labor-intensive, but you do need to take some precautions to ensure your wig lasts.

Washing Your Twist Wig

When you wash the wig, you never want to use hot water. Instead, lukewarm water is best to avoid making your wig look chapped. Also, if you have a synthetic twist wig, the high temperature of hot water can damage the strands and cause them to fall out.

Twist Strand Tips

The only exception to the hot water rule is for the tips of your twists. Dipping the ends into hot water can seal the strands and give you straighter tips, eliminating any curls there.

Using Mild Shampoo

Be sure to find a shampoo specifically for wigs, as well, even if you’ve chosen a human hairpiece. The chemicals in shampoo and other hair styling products can damage the strands by causing frizz and can make them look unnaturally shiny. Unfortunately, the damage is permanent once that happens. This can be heartbreaking and frustrating, especially if you’ve just purchased the wig.


For conditioning, the same rules apply that you must follow for shampooing. There are wig conditioners available to protect your braids from getting dull. Fill up a sink or basin with cool water and add a capful or two of conditioner. Dip your wig into the sink, and carefully massage the conditioner into the twists, beginning with the ends. Be careful with the roots since too much conditioner can weigh the wig down. Also, you can pull strands loose if you massage the wig too harshly.


Human hair wigs need moisturizing in the same way that your natural hair does. But a synthetic twist wig only needs the occasional spritz of serum. Too much can make it look overly shiny. However, you’ll want to use a moisturizer like coconut oil or olive oil after washing and conditioning human hair braids to keep the strands soft.


When your wig is wet and needs to dry, you should place it on a wig stand, not on a mannequin head. Stretching a wet wig can alter the size and fit of the cap, making it too loose and causing it to slip off. Be sure to carefully squeeze excess water out before drying. Wringing out the wig can cause the braids to frizz or even fall out.

General Caring and Styling Tips for Twist Wigs

Here are some general care and styling tips that you should remember for twist wigs:

  • Never use any form of heat on synthetic wigs unless they have labels that state they’re heat resistant.
  • Don’t sleep in your twist wigs because the tips could tangle.
  • Don’t let your wig become damp too often. If you wash it frequently, you’ll trap water in the twists and possibly breed bacteria, shortening the wig’s lifespan.
  • Finger comb the braids to loosen tangles and help the wig air dry evenly.
  • Wash a human hair wig every week or every two weeks. However, note that synthetic wigs can go a bit longer between washings—usually, every two weeks should be sufficient.

Caring for and styling your wig will allow it to look attractive for longer. But wigs don’t last forever. So how do you know that it’s time to find a new one?

Signs You Need a New Wig

Maintaining a wig is necessary to ensure that it looks natural and the fit stays the same as when you bought it. But eventually, the cap and the strands will begin to show signs of aging from natural wear and tear.

There are a few ways to identify when you’ll need to replace your twist wig. Here are the main ones.

The Braids Are Dull

Too much shine can make your wig appear unnatural, but so can dullness. Healthy hair has some shininess to it, and you’ll want your wig to have some so that it looks natural. But over time, even the best quality pieces will lose their luster despite conditioners and serums.

If you find yourself applying serum or conditioning your wig more often to get that shine back, it could be time for a replacement.

The Wig Doesn’t Hold Its Style

Synthetic wigs hold their style after washing and drying, and human hair wigs respond to styling tools. But after repeated wear, both options will begin to lose their hold. After some time, you might notice that curls don’t stay or that braids look frayed.

The Strands Are Dry and Frayed

The longer you own your wig, the more it will begin to dry out. Have you noticed that it’s becoming more tangled and feeling dry lately? The hair strands will inevitably lose their ability to hold onto moisture. You might also see fraying that’s inching its way closer to the roots.

The Fit Is Off

One of the biggest priorities in wig-wearing is to make sure the cap isn’t too tight or too loose. But if you’re noticing that the fit is off, that’s yet another sign it’s time for a new wig. You might have to adjust it or tighten it more and more to prevent it from slipping. But it might be easier to begin the search for a new piece rather than readjusting constantly.

The Wig Is Thinner

Shedding is normal for wigs, but a point comes when the wig is noticeably thinner than it used to be. Sometimes, an expert can repair a wig if shedding is the only problem with the piece. However, if you’re noticing other issues along with shedding strands, the time to say goodbye might be near.

Finding a Kinky Twist Wig

When you understand how to maintain twist wigs so they last longer, you can love your wig for as long as possible. But it might also be time to find a new one to love all over again. Explore our wig styles, including kinky twist wigs, at Instant Arewa Hair. You can learn more about maintaining and selecting the right wig by checking out more of our blogs or contacting us!

How To Maintain Twist Wigs so They Last Longer

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