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6 Ways To Change Up Your Wig Styling for Summer


6 Ways To Change Up Your Wig Styling for Summer

Summertime is here; the days are getting longer, the weather is climbing in temperature, and all you want to do is take advantage of it with your closest friends. Whether taking a beach trip or visiting your family’s barbeque, you want to look and feel good while you’re at it. However, sometimes hot weather isn’t the kindest to you, especially when wearing a wig.

Wigs can sometimes get stuffy and uncomfortable when the sun rays begin to beat down on you. Luckily, there are a few ways to change your wig style during the summer. Go from long and thick to short and layered for a breezy, flirty look you’ll love. Before you know it, you’ll get compliments left and right about your refreshed look for the season.

Wearing Wigs in the Summer

Wearing a fun, flirty wig is a fantastic way to protect your scalp from the fierce sun. It’s a personalized way to change up your everyday look, giving you a chance to experiment with the summer festivities you attend. Whether going to a beach party with your family or visiting your favorite brewery with your girls, your wigs should look good and feel comfortable.

You can wear a beautiful half-high ponytail cornrow wig that won’t feel heavy on the head, or a headband wig for easy application and removal in seconds. However, it’s also vital that you keep the scalp healthy and breathable to avoid irritation or overheating.

Scalp Health During Warm Weather

While you wear a wig in the scorching sun, it can potentially lead to overheating or scalp irritation. Due to an insulated, hot environment, your scalp can produce more sweat and trap bacteria. So, before you place a beautiful wig on your head, place a wig cap on as a protective, moisture-wicking barrier between the wig and your scalp.

Additionally, it’s good to alternate between wigs, along with wearing headscarves, to give your scalp a chance to breathe. Giving your scalp regular breaks will prevent irritation and allow the pores to cool down. Lastly, avoid touching your wig too much, as oils and sweat from your hands can make your wig look oilier and more greased down.

Tips for Summer Wig Styling

As the sun beams down upon your skin, let’s glance at six summer tips for summer wig styling. Before you know it, you’ll look and feel fantastic as you beat the summer heat.

Give Your Wig a Chop

A fun way to change up the look of your wig is by giving it a generous trim. If you’ve had a long-haired wig for a long time, you can refresh it chopping off the dry, damaged ends. You can go for various styles, such as a bob, a layered asymmetrical cut, an afro, or even a pixie. We recommend you work with a hair professional to make these changes to your wig.

By giving your wig a good trim, you’re freeing weight off your head and allowing for easy styling and personalization. So, grab a pair of hair sheers and have fun with your old wigs!

Play With Fun Colors

Perhaps all your brunette and blonde wigs are starting to look repetitive or plain as the months go by. For summertime, personalize your wigs with some fun colors. You can brighten your darker wigs with highlights, balayage, color panels, and more.

If you have lighter-colored wigs, throwing in some fashion colors like red, blue, green, or pink can breathe new life into an old wig. Tinting and coloring human hair wigs take color more easily than synthetic ones, so ensure that you’re doing test strands prior. We recommend you work with a hair professional to make hair color  changes to your wig.

Experiment With Texture

Perhaps your straight-haired wigs have lost their sleek, shiny look over time. Luckily, you can change this through styling tools and techniques. Whether you use a flat or curling iron, human hair wigs have versatile styling abilities that help you achieve the summer look you’re going for.

The size of your curling iron depends on the size of the curl you’re going for. The smaller the curling iron barrel, the tighter the curl, and vice versa. Tight, ringlet curls can shorten the length of the hair and make for a shorter style, while larger curls give it a textured, classy feel. You can also create a wet curl look with water and a leave-in conditioner.

Throw in Braids and Accessories

A well-worn wig can have new life through braids, twists, and accessories. If you have wigs with a straight texture, you can play around with French or Dutch braids for a lightweight, breathable look that looks fashionable. If you have afro-textured wigs, play around with different twists and locks to create a personalized, beautiful finish.

Additionally, don’t ignore the use of accessories. Hair rings, braid cuffs, clips, ties, ribbons, scarves, and headbands can easily accentuate the look of your wig. Play around and see which styles you like best for your next outing.

Get Yourself a New Wig

If none of your wigs are giving you the style you want or if you’re new to wigs, picking up a new wig can offer the perfect solution. If you live with alopecia or menopausal hair thinning, a wig is an ideal way to boost your confidence and offer you a change-up in your everyday look.

If your current wigs can’t style the way you want, picking up a new wig can help you find the style you’re going for. A curly bob can add so much to your overall look.

Try Different Updo Variations

Wigs are fun and versatile because you can style them in various ways. No matter what length your wig is, there are numerous updo variations you can try. A simple ponytail can make you look sleeker and more sophisticated if you have a long-haired wig.

As for short-haired wigs, you can do a half-updo or partially clip up sections of hair for a softer, more playful appearance. Even with pixie-length wigs, you can smooth it down and create finger waves for a fun, unique look.

As the temperatures climb, wearing knotless box braid wigs shouldn’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable. At Instant Arewa Hair, our braided wigs provide a seamless way to wear braids, cornrows, locs, or twists . Our wigs come hand-crafted and have versatile styling options for the exact look you’re going for. If you have any questions about our wigs, please reach out to us today!


6 Ways To Change Up Your Wig Styling for Summer

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