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Natural Hair Care Routine for the Winter Months

Natural Hair Care Routine for the Winter Months

Winter has its pros, such as twinkling lights, holiday parties, and freshly fallen snow. But there are some definite downsides to it, too. Frigid temperatures, shorter days, and dry air that zaps the moisture out of our skin and hair are among the top issues you may face. Just as we need another layer or two of clothing during wintertime, our hair needs more care in the winter, as well.

Having a natural hair care routine for the winter months can help keep your hair healthy and soft all year round.

Wear Protective Styles

You can use protective styles like braids to your advantage during wintertime. The wind and cold air suck the moisture out of hair, making it more susceptible to breakage. Protective styles cut down on styling time, which is essential to reducing breakage. They also safely tuck ends and strands out of the cold wind. Still, you’ll want to change your style every week or so to apply a moisturizer to keep your hair from drying out.

Add Nutrients

Like everything else in our bodies, our hair needs nutrients to stay healthy, and it needs more in the wintertime to act as a precaution against the frigid air and wind. Try to stick to a healthy diet and take vitamin supplements like fish oil or biotin to give your locks a health boost. And, of course, staying hydrated is the first step in helping your hair remain moisturized.

Use Steam

Steam can also help keep your hair soft in the winter. Furnaces and other indoor heat sources dry out the air in homes and businesses. You can help replace the moisture in the air by taking a hot shower without a shower cap. Doing this allows the airborne water particles to penetrate and hydrate your hair.

Apply Anti-Humectant

After steam therapy, you can lock in the water particles with an anti-humectant. This is an oil- or butter-based product that seals the moisture into your hair. It’s better to use it after washing or moisturizing your hair. Also, be sure to use oils that are liquids at room temperature.

Wear an Ankara Bonnet

Reducing friction while you sleep is another step in a natural hair care routine for the winter months. It’s also something to incorporate into your sleeping habits all year. Hair can break as we toss and turn during the night, and with dry winter air, your hair will be more vulnerable. A scarf or satin-lined bonnet can help protect your locks. You can find an Ankara bonnet at Instant Arewa Hair. 

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