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Difference Between Standard and Full Hair Density

Difference Between Standard and Full Hair Density

We’ve all heard of hair thickness, but what’s hair density? Hair density is how many hairs grow per square inch of your scalp while hair thickness is the size of the actual hair strand.

If you’re searching for a wig, knowing that its hair density matches your natural hair can be useful. Explore the difference between standard and full hair density and how it affects wigs in this article.

What is Hair Density?

Hair density refers to how many hairs grow on your scalp. If you can see your scalp without moving your hair, you have a lower density, and if you need to move your hair to see your scalp, you have a full hair density. Hair density can alter the appearance of a wig.

The higher the wig density, the thicker the wig. When you’re looking for a wig, you might see a range of hair densities to choose from.

Standard Vs. Full Hair Density

Typically, standard hair density is around 100 percent. Full hair density is almost twice that amount. But why does that matter on a wig? The hair density can affect a few factors of a wig, which are discussed below.


The different densities of a wig will affect the styling of your wig. Talk to your stylist about the type of wig you’ll need for a specific hairstyle.


How you care for your wigs depends on their density. Lower density wigs need lighter hair care products so it’s important to know what density your wig is to avoid mishandling it.


Fuller density wigs usually cost more money than lighter density wigs, and by exploring the different hair densities you can discover the wig that fits your budget while maintaining the look you want.

How To Choose a Hair Density

To find the wig with the hair density you want, you’ll need to weigh a few elements. You should find a wig that matches your natural hair density, so the wig looks realistic. Hair length and the type of wig cap can also affect its appearance and movement.

Even though the difference between standard and full hair density might be subtle, it’s important to know how it affects styling and haircare so you can find the wig that suits your features.

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