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The Best Ways To Store Your High-Quality Wigs

The Best Ways To Store Your High-Quality Wigs

Your wigs are your pride and joy when it comes to personalization. Wigs have excellent interchangeability, from casual looks for running errands to high-fashion pieces that make you stand out at parties. However, once you take the wig off, you can’t toss it anywhere you want and expect it to look good.

A wig is meant to be cared for and preserved so that it lasts a long time. However, shoving it into the back of your closet can reduce the quality of the strands and turn it into a rat’s nest. So, let’s review the best storage methods for high-quality wigs so your wigs look perfect every day.

Properly Storing Wigs Keeps Them Beautiful

Over time, improper wig storage can result in numerous problems. They are more likely to become tangled, dull, and lose their shine. Additionally, the accumulation of dust and lint can reduce the wig’s quality.

Before you move forward with properly storing your wig, washing and conditioning are essential. Cleansing your wig will help remove product buildup, free up knots, and keep it looking fresh for your next wear. Remember to be gentle while washing your wigs and ensure they’re dry before packing them away.

Best Wig Storage Methods

If you practice the best storage methods for high-quality wigs, your favorite pieces will continue to look beautiful. The longer you practice good wig storage, the longer your wigs last.

Keep Your Wigs in Shoe Boxes

If you don’t have the original wig packaging, a secondary option is to store your wig in a spare shoe box. After you remove any tangles and ensure that it’s dry, lay your wig flat in the shoe box for easy, tangle-free storage. Tissue paper will also prevent static from developing.

Utilize Silk or Satin Bags

Not only should you keep your wigs out of the sun, but you should also keep them away from excess moisture. Silk and satin bags will keep your wigs static-free, retain their hydration and softness, and reduce the accumulation of tangles. Additionally, it makes for a useful storage option for traveling, as they take up little space.

Invest in Wig Heads

A fantastic way to maintain your wig’s texture, style, and shape is by using wig heads. There are many wig head styles: cork, canvas, and Styrofoam. It can easily fit on your shelf or in your closet shelving for easy storage and organization.

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