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Tips for Making Your Wig Look Like Your Natural Hair

Tips for Making Your Wig Look Like Your Natural Hair

Seamlessness from head to hair is the goal when wearing a wig. While the wealthy and celebrities have the luxury of a dedicated stylist to ensure their wig looks like their natural hair, the rest of us are out here on our own. But it’s not impossible. Whether your wig is synthetic or natural, there are tricks to make your wig look authentic. In fact, with some care and styling, your wig can be flawless. Here are tips for making your wig look like natural hair.

Measure First

Ensuring you have the best fit for your wig is a key first step. The fit should be as close-fitting as possible, but not too loose or too tight. Before measuring, flatten your natural hair so the measurements are as accurate as possible. With a cloth measuring tape, take the following measurements:

  1. The circumference of your head
  2. From hairline to the nape of your neck
  3. Ear to ear (over the top of the crown of your head)
  4. Temple to temple (stretching the measuring tape along the back of your head)

Consider your hairline when measuring. If you have a widow’s peak, clipping the wig behind the natural hairline will make blending easier.

Pluck the Hairline

Another critical element in making your wig look natural is plucking the hairline. Wigs are dense at the hairline, whereas natural hair thins out. If you look at your hairline and your part, you’ll notice the hairs are sparser. Plucking the wig gives you a blended transition from your hair to your face.

Flatten Natural Hair

Even though flattening your hair is an obvious step in tips for making your wig look like your natural hair, it’s essential. Not doing so can make your wig look lumpy. Some ways are better than others depending on your natural hair's weight, texture, and length. A few ways that you can flatten your hair are a low bun, cornrows, or braids.

Cut the Lace

You can fit your wig to your natural hairline by cutting the lace. The easiest way to be sure you get the exact cut is to wear the wig so the lace fits your face perfectly. Place the wig on your head and decide precisely where you want it to stop. Then, place it back on the mannequin head and cut the lace. Be sure to clip your hair back so you can see your natural hairline.

When you’re ready, make the first cut in the middle of your forehead towards the hairline. Be careful not to cut off any of the baby hairs you want to keep for blending purposes. Follow the hairline and cut the ear tabs, staying as close to the ears as possible.

Custom Cut & Style

Getting a cut while wearing the wig will help your wig look more natural and will let you find a style that you love. Having a stylist cut and style your wig can also help you with blending the edges. Whether you’re cutting the wig yourself or having it professionally done, the wig should be exactly where you want it to be.

If you’re unsure of what style you’d like cut, don’t be afraid to experiment with wig styles. You might surprise yourself and find a style that suits you, like the Senegalese twist lace front wig.


Application is a crucial point if you want your wig to look like natural hair. Depending on what level of activity you plan on doing or how long you’ll be wearing the wig, the adhesive will vary. A lighter bond will do only if you want to keep your wig on for a few days. For a hold that will last several days and during vigorous movement, a stronger adhesive is recommended.

Also, be sure to use the glue carefully. When not appropriately applied, it can damage your edges. When applying glues, place the wig in front of your hairline. Applying the adhesive directly onto your natural hair will remove it.

Using bobby pins is another way to secure your wig in place. Be sure to use pins on both sides of the crown of your head and through the lace front.

Blend the Edges

The pros all blend the edges of their wig with foundation and powder. Doing so creates a seamless transition from your face into your hairline, giving your wig a natural appearance. Using brushes or even your fingertips can create a perfectly blended look.

Tips for Wig Care

There are a few tips and tricks for caring for and styling your wig. Correctly caring for your wig will not only make it last longer but will also help it look more natural. Here are a few tips for wig care:


  • Before washing, remove tangles with fingers or a wide-tooth comb.
  • Hold the wig under cool water while washing. Never totally submerge your wig.
  • Use shampoo for color-treated hair.
  • Using a small amount of shampoo, gently massage through the hair in a downwards motion, beginning at the roots and going down all the way to the tips.
  • Rinse carefully under running cool water. Gently squeeze but never twist or wring your wig.
  • For conditioner, use color-treated products. Apply at the middle of the shaft and avoid the roots. Conditioner applied to the roots can cause shedding.
  • Leave conditioner on for 1-2 minutes but never longer than 5 minutes.
  • Rinse under running, cool water until it runs clear.
  • Pat dry with a towel and place a wet wig on a wig stand, not on a mannequin head. Using a mannequin head could cause the wet wig to lose its fit.


  • For straightening, run a flat iron from the roots to the tips on a one-inch section.
  • To curl, hold a section of hair around the iron for ten seconds and release.
  • Use hair spray to hold the style.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Always wash human-hair wigs before wearing.
  • Hot water will damage the cap.
  • Again, do not dry on a mannequin head, or the cap will stretch.
  • Sleeping, showering, and swimming with the wig is discouraged.
  • Do not brush the wig when wet.
  • Always store the wig on a wig stand or mannequin head to avoid tangles or crimps.
  • The lace should always be handled delicately.
  • A professional stylist should always do any chemical processing, like coloring or perming, to the wig.

With these tips, you can easily make your wig look like natural hair!

Tips for Making Your Wig Look Like Your Natural Hair

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