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How To Grow Back, Protect, and Maintain Your Edges

How To Grow Back, Protect, and Maintain Your Edges

We all know how fragile edges are. Even a little bit of friction can pull them out or break them. But with a few steps, you can keep them safe and beautiful. Turn the delicate baby hairs on your hairline into a work of art. Dive into these tips to learn how to grow back, protect, and maintain your edges.

Be Careful With Laying Edges

Just like you, your edges need a break now and then. Laying your edges puts your fine baby hairs through a lot of turmoil. The abrasion from both the brush and the alcohol in the styling products puts your hair through a lot. Give your edges a break a few times a week and let your baby hairs embrace their natural form.

Choose Silk or Satin

Hats, bonnets, or headbands with silk or satin lining can help protect your edges. Ankara bonnets with satin linings cut down on friction and reduce breakage. Be sure to arrange your hat or bonnet in different positions every time you wear them. Positioning your hat or bonnet in the same spot every time will increase the stress on your edges.

Wrap Your Hair at Night

Wrapping your hair at night will protect your edges from the friction of your pillowcase. Be sure to use a protective material like satin or silk when you are wrapping your hair and tie the wrap on your forehead. Protect your edges with oil before tying up your hair for super soft baby hairs in the morning.

Limit Protective Styles

While braids and twists can give your hair a break from styling, they put a lot of tension on your edges. Giving yourself a break from protective styles can help maintain those sensitive hair follicles. Try to limit wearing protective styles to only six to eight weeks at a time.

Protein Treatments

Protein treatments can add strength to both your edges and nape. Signs that your hair is due for a protein treatment include dryness and more breakage than usual. Setting up a regular protein treatment around every six weeks can help you avoid breakage.

Knowing how to grow back, protect, and maintain your edges can help you keep your hair happy and healthy! Contact us at Instant Arewa Hair with any questions about caring for your edges.

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