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Styling Your Edges with Wigs To Look Seamless and Natural

Styling Your Edges with Wigs To Look Seamless and Natural

A vital factor in making your wig look natural is making sure your hairline flows seamlessly into your wig, even though it can be tricky. It might take some time to style baby hairs to look harmonious with your wig, but the results will make it time well spent.

Here are tips on styling your edges with wigs to look seamless and natural that you can use to create various looks.


By slicking your edges down, you can style your baby hairs into waves. Starting at the front of your hairline, take a comb and part your hair about a quarter of an inch toward your temple. Then, separate this piece of hair and apply hair gel. With your fingers or a fine-toothed comb, you can shape them into waves.

Waves for Longer Hair

Keep in mind that styling waves by slicking them down on your forehead works better with shorter hair. If the edges are too long, it can look unnatural. If you have longer hair and want waves, slick them down and style along the side of your head, but angle them back towards your hairline.

Fuzzy Halo

You can also style your edges into a fuzzy halo to complement many different hairstyles. To create the fuzzy halo look, sprinkle hair powder onto your hairline and push the hair up from the roots, moving in a circular motion with your wrist.

Afro Baby Hairs

With only a small amount of gel, work it into the baby hairs at the front wig edge. Gently wrap the edges around your fingers to create curls. You can use a small curling iron for a stronger hold, but only if you have steady hands to avoid burning yourself. You can skip the gel if you’re opting for an iron on a low setting since fine edges can burn easier than the rest of your hair.

Headband Wigs

Styling your edges with wigs to look seamless and natural works well with headband wigs! We offer high-quality headband wigs for sale at Instant Arewa Hair that both beginners and experienced wig wearers enjoy.

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