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How To Protect Your Natural Hair and Scalp

How To Protect Your Natural Hair and Scalp

Wigs are a versatile option for women. They make experimenting with new hairstyles effortless while allowing you to protect your natural hair from styling products. Still, your tresses need some love and care. Thankfully, there are steps you should take to safeguard your natural hair while wearing a wig.

Learn how to protect your natural hair and scalp with these simple steps!

Wig Cap

Wig caps provide a dual purpose: they protect your hair and help keep your wig in place. They’re an effective way to protect your hair from friction and moisture.


Sleeping while wearing your wig is not recommended. Doing so will cause unnecessary tension on your scalp, causing tension alopecia. Give your natural hair and scalp the ability to breathe while you sleep.


Keeping your natural hair healthy is a vital part of protecting it. Allowing sweat and product to build up can compromise the health of your scalp and your hair. Always make sure your hair is clean before putting on a wig.

Regular Trims

Even while wearing a wig, your hair still needs an occasional trim—your hair will still be prone to breakage and split ends. Regular trims will help keep your hair healthy by encouraging growth. Generally, a haircut every six to eight weeks is recommended to protect your tresses.

Damp Hair

You should always avoid having damp hair under a wig. Not only will it be uncomfortable, but having moisture trapped beneath your wig promotes the growth of bacteria and even mildew. Always make sure your natural hair and scalp are dry.


Be careful when braiding your hair. Braids that are too tight will put a strain on your hair, causing breakage and hair loss. Change up your braids now and again to give your locks a break.

Scalp Massage

Take some time every day to massage your scalp. A tight wig can reduce blood flow. Massaging will ease tension and encourage hair growth.

Following these tips on how to protect your natural hair and scalp under a wig will ensure your locks stay healthy. Explore our African-American headband wigs and more at Instant Arewa Hair!

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