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What a Headband Wig Is and Tips on How to Wear One

What a Headband Wig Is and Tips on How to Wear One

A headband wig is a convenient option for first-time wig wearers because, unlike traditional wigs, there isn’t lace or glue to worry about. They are easy to secure onto your head, and typically, they are more economically feasible.

Still, there are steps to wearing one properly and knowing how to wear one to fit your face shape. Learn more in this blog about what a headband wig is and tips on how to wear one.

What Is a Headband Wig?

A headband wig is exactly what it sounds like: a wig with a cute headband! The wearer secures it onto their head with a lace cap and three combs instead of glue or clips. Because they are so easy to wear, they are usually a great option for first-time wig wearers. In fact, they are gaining popularity more and more every day, popping up all over YouTube.

But before you decide to buy one for yourself, there are a few tips to learn about how to wear one.

Wearing a Headband Wig

Learning how to wear a headband wig is fairly simple:

Brush Hair Back

With a small brush, be sure to brush all your hair and edges back. But it is possible to show your natural hairline if you’d like.

Secure the Wig

Once you’ve brushed your hair back, place the wig onto your head and secure it with the combs (some might have Velcro or a strap instead).


With the wig securely in place, you can style it however you like! Put it in a ponytail, add a curly updo, or let your natural hairline show!

Face Shape

Your face shape can dictate how to wear a headband wig:


Do you have an oval face shape? Try to keep the wig lower on the forehead. Pushing it further back, like to show your natural hairline, could make it easier for it to slip since your forehead is narrower than those of other face shapes. Keeping it near the hairline gives you more stability.


If you have a round face shape, keep your hair down and choose a headband wig that has a knot or vibrant pattern. Long hair and a distinct headband will add definition to your heart-shaped face!


Shorter hair or updos compliment ladies with a long face! Explore the headband wigs for sale at Instant Arewa Hair for wigs that have bold patterns, curly hair, and updos!

Understanding what a headband wig is and tips on how to wear one will give you the confidence you need to try a wig for the first time!

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