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Why You Should Wear an Ankara Bonnet To Bed

Why You Should Wear an Ankara Bonnet To Bed

Protecting your hair from tangles and frizz is a concern for many women. Despite how soft they may feel, cotton pillowcases can cause hair to tangle and snag as you sleep. Scarves and bonnets can help to protect your hair from breaking as you toss and turn.

Even though there are many types of bonnets on the market, only Ankara bonnets celebrate African heritage: the silk interior prevents tangles and frizz while the vibrant prints celebrate African heritage. Explore all the reasons why you should wear an Ankara bonnet to bed by reading this article!

Reduce Hair Breakage

Wearing a bonnet at night can help to reduce the amount of breakage your hair suffers. It’ll help you maintain healthy hair. The silk lining is easier on your hair than a pillowcase because it eliminates friction. As we sleep, our hair rubs against our pillow, creating cracks in the hair cuticle. This friction makes hair strands more porous and allows moisture to escape.

Less moisture means less elasticity in your hair which leads to split ends and breakage. If you want to grow your hair out, preventing breakage is vital.

Prevents Skin Breakouts

We all want clear skin and wearing a bonnet can be an additional weapon against breakouts. Oil from your hair can build up on pillowcases and cause clogged pores and acne. Usually, the buildup comes from our hair products, natural scalp oils, and environmental debris.

Keeping your hair in an Ankara bonnet at night will keep your pillows clean and your skin clear.

Lasting Hairstyles

Another reason why you should wear an Ankara bonnet to bed is to protect your hairstyle! Covering your hair at night means you won’t have to style your hair every morning. The silk material will help to preserve curls or braids and eliminate flat or frizzy hair in the morning.

Another advantage Ankara bonnets have over other styles is their vibrant African prints! Check out all the African print bonnets at Instant Arewa Hair to keep your hair healthy!

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