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What Are Lace Wig Textures, and Which One Is Right for You

What Are Lace Wig Textures, and Which One Is Right for You

Lace wigs consist of either human or synthetic hair that’s been hand-knotted with hair strands onto a lace base. You can find them in a variety of wig cap sizes, lengths and colors, which might be the first attributes that come to mind when looking for a wig. But what about texture? Are you searching for straight, curly, or braided hair?

If you’re wondering what lace wig textures are and which one is right for you, continue reading. We break down a few of the most common types.


You can always opt for straight human or synthetic wig hair. You’ll have the option to style it as you wish, with curls, twists, or even a simple ponytail. If the lace front wig is made from human hair, you’ll be able to style it with heating products, but if it’s synthetic, you’ll have to stick to styles that don’t use heat, or you’ll damage it.

Body Wave

Are you looking for an effortless style? A lace wig with a body wave could be a great option for you. Named after the waves in the ocean or even the seismic activity, body waves are loose curls that are created by a well-defined, natural “S” pattern. They add definition without too much of a curl for a softer look.

Deep Wave

If you want a more dramatic look, deep waves are available as a lace wig texture and can give you a more nostalgic vibe. The waves follow the same pattern as the body wave but are deeper and more intense. From a distance, they can resemble softly curled hair.


For a more textured look, twists are a good option. When twists are added to human wigs with a kinky texture, they are generally taken out to create a twist-out look. To keep in the twists for a longer period, opt for a kinky twist wig. Twists are like braids, but they use two strands of hair rather than three. The strands are twisted around one another to give a unique braided look and can be found in different strand sizes and styles, including a kinky twist wig.

Order Lace Wigs Online

Instant Arewa Hair offers a variety of styles and braided lace wig textures so that you can find which one is right for you. These include twist, braid, cornrow, and locs wigs. Contact us with any questions about our wig styles, including twist wigs or headband wigs, or learn more about how to choose a wig by exploring our blogs.

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