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What Are Cornrow Wigs and How To Style Them

What Are Cornrow Wigs and How To Style Them

Your hair is part of how you present yourself. Whether you love wearing your hair up in a messy bun or embracing your natural curls, it’s a part of who you are. So, trying a new style or even a wig can feel daunting if you have never done so before. Therefore, you should find the answer to the question, “What are cornrow wigs?” and learn how to style them to your liking.

What Are Cornrow Wigs?

Cornrow wigs consist of braided hair that is attached to the wig cap (scalp) for varying lengths before hanging out freely like braids. They are formed in simple and straight lines, often tightly plaited, greased, and combed. Cornrow wigs come either in simple patterns or offer curvilinear designs, and beads or cowry shells sometimes adorn them. They provide a great alternative to other more plain wigs.

The history of cornrows stems back to 3000 BC, as evidenced in Stone Age paintings. People had them through the 19th century, as kings and warriors in Ethiopia adorned themselves with cornrows. In more recent history, cornrows have become a staple of modern culture and provide multiple options for wearers. Whether cornrows are natural or come in the form of a wig, they offer a beautiful, seamless look that carries an extensive history.

The Benefits of Cornrow Wigs

One of the benefits of wearing a cornrow wig is that it saves time and effort for styling. It not only looks beautiful but also provides a solution for giving your natural hair a break from regular styling. You can also find dozens of cornrow designs that speak personally to you. Additionally, they’re cost-effective, and you can purchase different styles for your outfit of the day.

Cornrow wigs also offer a layer of protection for your natural hair. You’ll have the ability to spare your edges and nape area from any unwanted tension. Lastly, cornrow wigs are easy to maintain, as they only require a simple cleaning once a month.

How To Style a Cornrow Wig

Having a grasp of what to know about cornrow wigs and how to style them comes with plenty of practice. While it requires some skill, you won’t want to go back once you figure it out. Start by braiding or tying back your natural hair, if necessary, to make it as smooth as possible. After that, place a wig cap on to cover your head and hold everything in place.

Try on the wig and see where you want it to sit on your head. Once you find a spot, place your wig on a mannequin and mark where you want to trim the excess lace. Then, place the wig on and adhere the lace to your scalp as close to the hairline as possible. After your cornrow wig is secure, style the wig by following your natural part or doing whatever you think looks best.

If you’ve found interest in cornrow wigs, visit us at Instant Arewa Hair. We offer different braid styles and designs that will match your desired look and can help you find what you’re looking for.

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