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Things To Know About Knotless Box Braid Wigs

Things To Know About Knotless Box Braid Wigs

Box braids have been gracing women’s heads for over 5,000 years, and the style shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. While box braids are the perfect protective style for keeping your hair looking good for weeks, not everyone has eight hours or more to spend in a salon to achieve this look. In addition, getting braids is not an option for some women experiencing hair loss aka Alopecia. While others cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars getting braids only to take them down in after a few weeks.

That’s where box braid wigs can become the ideal addition to your style arsenal. But there are a variety of types of box braid wigs, and one of the most popular style is knotless box braids. Here are a few things to know about knotless box braid wigs before you choose yours. 

The Difference Between Knotless and Regular Box Braids

The difference between knotless box braids and regular box braids is found in the process of starting the braids. With traditional box braids, a stylist will start every braid by making a knot close to the scalp with the braiding hair. With Knotless braids, the braider begins each with the person’s natural hair, while adding the braiding hair gradually throughout the braiding process. The braiding technique used creates a natural, flat transition from the base of each braid to the remaining part of the braid.

There are pros and cons to both styles. Knotless braids are often less painful to the scalp than the traditional version, while traditional box braids tend to last longer. However, if you’re doing a braided wig, the only factor that matters to you is which style you prefer.

The Different Sizes of Braids

Some people like the look of big, bold braids, while others like the look of delicate, smaller braids. A major factor to consider when selecting a braid style is the amount hours needed to achieve the style. But the beauty of braided wigs is that they come in a variety of braid sizes, meaning you can choose your preferred look without worrying about the time required to achieve the style.

The Ways To Style Braided Wigs

One of the things that keeps people from buying braided wigs is the misconception that they’re have limited styling options. But if there’s one thing you should know about full lace knotless box braid wigs, it’s all the ways you can style them. A few ways to style them include:

  • Top bun
  • Low ponytail
  • Wear down in a side part 
  • Wear down in a middle part
  • Add a Headband or scarf to the front for a beautiful look

Just try to avoid tight styles that may stress your wig’s roots. Otherwise, you may damage your wig or wear it out prematurely.

Box braids are beautiful, and we want to make sure that every woman has the opportunity to wear them with pride. Shop Instant Arẹ̀wà Hair for a gorgeous collection of braided wigs, including knotless and traditional box braids. Questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us. Save money, time, and your edges while looking and feeling beautiful with custom, hand-made braided wigs from Instant Arẹ̀wà Hair!

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