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Can You Sleep in a Wig? 4 Tips on How To Mitigate Damage

Can You Sleep in a Wig? 4 Tips on How To Mitigate Damage

People have their own reasons for wanting to sleep in their wigs. For some, it’s an issue of time. Taking off the wig and putting it back on can be time-consuming, especially when they’re tired at night or rushing in the morning. For others, it’s more comfortable to keep their head covered, even at night.

Whatever the reason, sleeping in your wig can be challenging, but it’s still possible. Can you sleep in a wig? These tips on how to mitigate damage will show you how.

Wrap Your Wig

Many of us have memories of our mothers reminding us to wrap up our hair before going to bed at night as kids. If we didn’t, we could expect a head full of dry, damaged hair when we woke up. Since a lot of wigs are made with human hair, it makes sense to follow the same rule for our wigs.

Silk, satin, or polyester make the best materials for headwraps because they protect your hair without absorbing moisture from it. Scarves will do the job, but they tend to slip off if you’re a restless sleeper. Ankara bonnets are a good alternative because the elastic keeps them in place.

Switch Your Pillowcase

The feeling of having a wig on your head can already make it difficult to sleep. So some women are hesitant to try to wrap their wigs on top of it. A good alternative is to switch out your pillowcase.

Pillowcases that are made of cotton or wool tend to suck the moisture out of our hair. It’s why we wrap our hair before bed. But if you swap the pillowcase made of silk or satin, it won’t damage or dry out the wig nearly as much.

Have More Than One Wig

Even when you take the time to wrap your wig or get the right pillowcase, sleeping on your wig will still damage it faster. One way to mitigate wig damage while sleeping without losing out on the convenience of sleeping with your wig covered is to have more than one wig.

When you have multiple wigs that you switch between, you’ll naturally put less stress on any one individual wig. That way, it balances out.

Practice Good Wig Care

If you plan on sleeping in your wig, it’s good to follow a wig-care routine before you go to bed and after waking up. Wig care may vary between wigs, but here are a few things you can keep in mind when caring for your wig:

  • If your wig is able to be combed, try to comb it before and after bed
  • Try to detangle your wig before and after bed
  • Remember to apply conditioner and oils to your wig

Whether or not you’re sleeping in your wigs, you’ll want a high-quality wig. Instant Arẹ̀wà Hair is your one-stop shop for beautiful, natural hair wigs. From butterfly locs to cornrow wigs, you’ll find the perfect styles that are worth waking up to.

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