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Cornrow, Braid and Twist Wigs for Spring and Summer

It was close to midnight when I returned home 10 days ago. I was exhausted, hungry, and had a tension headache. Just before hopping into bed, I quickly munched on two slices of bread and a piece of canned sardine.  I woke up at about 5:45 am the following day with the headache, but also with a heart that was full of gratitude to God for the achievements of the previous day. You see, we accomplished two milestones: our first video collaboration with a thriving salon, Duncansalons 20, and our second photo shoot session. Both events went very well!

Selecting a braided wig style for the events was easy because of my interest in simple cornrow styles. I opted for a side-part cornrow, from our simple cornrow collection, which complements my round face.

A big thank you goes to Stephania Duncan from Duncansalons 20 for styling the unit beautifully. I’m grateful to MUA Rhonda from Cheek by Rhonda. I was very impressed by how natural and beautiful my makeup looked. The gorgeous pictures were taken by my close friend, Bisola. She guided me like a pro on posing, so we didn’t have to settle for the only two poses which I have mastered. I’m truly grateful for our friendship and her service.

The evolution of braided wigs is quite fascinating. I vividly remember the first cornrow unit I saw on Etsy years ago. The unit looked “wiggy” and unappealing, so I dismissed the concept of braided wigs. I further wondered if the idea of braided wigs was even logical.  However, I became a fan of braided wigs, when I started seeing natural looking ones. Shortly thereafter, I decided to begin Instant Arẹ̀wà Hair because of my interest in making wigs in braided styles.

As we enjoy the spring season and approach summer, the popularity of braided units does not appear to be waning. I’m working with my team of manufacturers to introduce some new styles, to continually improve on our units, and to meet the growing demands of braided wig lovers. For this reason, I’m posing a question to you regardless of whether you own a braided wig or not.  If there was one suggestion you could share to improve braided wigs, what would it be? Please leave your comment. I’m keen to hear from you all.

Thank you!



PS: By the way, our model in the picture is rocking one of our beautiful cornrow wigs. 😉😀



Wig: Instant Arẹ̀wà Hair

Style: Duncansalons 20

MUA: Cheek by Rhonda

Picture was taken by Bisola Brown

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