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Common Wig Mistakes You May Not Know You're Making

Common Wig Mistakes You May Not Know You're Making

After years of being a staple in many people's beauty regimens, wigs have achieved mainstream popularity. This is thanks to the celebrities who rock them proudly and social media, where people can share their specialized looks. No longer are wigs something to hide. They are now openly heralded for their diversity and versatility. But wearing a wig isn't as simple as just throwing it on and hoping for the best. You need to know how to affix them to avoid an embarrassing mishap. Read these common wig mistakes you may not know you are making and wear your wig with confidence.

Not Braiding Your Hair Underneath Your Wig

The key to not making your wig lump is preparing the hair underneath. Before placing a unit on, don't forget to braid your hair. Small braids that are going straight back are necessary to maintain a flat foundation underneath. Without properly preparing your natural hair, the wig will appear bumpy or as if it is sitting above your head.

Failing To Bleach and Pluck Your Knots

If you genuinely want to make sure your wig is invisible, even to the most discerning eye, it pays to bleach and pluck the knots in front of it to create a more natural part. Lace-front wigs are created by hand-sewing individual strands into a mesh base. When a wig features dark hair, these knots appear as small dark dots that can be quite noticeable. To conceal these knots, you can either bleach them or pluck them. But don't be too heavy-handed with either technique—you risk over-plucking or over-processing your hair.

Over-Styling Your Baby Hairs

While styling baby hair continues to be all the rage, it's actually best not to overdo it when wearing a wig. This will help ensure the unit blends seamlessly with your hairline. When wearing a wig, you want to make it look as natural as possible without doing too much. Less is more. Though it may be tempting to over-style your baby hairs, simply slicking them back should suffice.

Choosing Units in Unflattering Colors

It doesn't hurt to purchase or dye wigs in shades that complement your skin tone and don't wash out your complexion. It's also advisable to consider your job and wardrobe when choosing a new wig color to ensure it fits your lifestyle and won't clash with your wardrobe. Think about your everyday lifestyle and job as well as the clothes you wear. Make sure your entire ensemble works well together.

Luckily, Instant Arẹ̀wà Hair offers a wide variety of colorful wigs and custom-made braided wigs. Our wigs lay beautifully upon your head and will give you the style and sophistication of your favorite celebrities. Take a look at our wig styles today and shop with confidence knowing your wig will look as good as possible. We hope these common wig mistakes you may not know you are making help you wear your wig proudly.

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