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Can You Dye a Synthetic Hair Wig? Should You?

Can You Dye a Synthetic Hair Wig? Should You?

We live in a colorful world. And, naturally, we all want to use those colors to elevate our style, whether it’s sporting a traditional, patterned Ankara bonnet or accessorizing with brightly colored jewelry. But why should we end our color exploration with our clothes when our hair is a regular blank canvas?

But while it’s easy to dye human hair or human hair wigs, it’s easy to wonder whether the same is true for a synthetic wig. If you’ve ever wondered whether you can dye a synthetic hair wig or if you should, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Can You Dye Synthetic Hair?

Yes, it’s possible to dye synthetic hair, just like it’s possible to dye fabric, food, and other things in your house. However, the question you should be asking isn’t whether you can dye your synthetic wig but whether you should. Dyeing a synthetic wig can damage it. Even if you’re good at dyeing hair, you could still decrease your wig’s lifespan. And if you’re inexperienced in the art of dyeing a wig, you could ruin it completely.

If you’re OK with your wig not lasting as long, then there’s nothing wrong with dyeing it. However, you will want to know how to navigate some of the challenges of this kind of project.

Challenges of Dyeing Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair fibers are usually nylon or acrylic, meaning that they can’t absorb normal hair dye. So you’ll have to use dyes made for fabrics.

But you can’t use any color on any wig. Just like normal hair, you can’t dye hair a lighter color than it is. It’s possible to bleach a synthetic wig using a combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. But if you’re inexperienced in dyeing hair, you may want to consider choosing a light-colored wig to dye to skip this step completely.

How To Dye Synthetic Hair

When you have your fabric dye of choice, fill a pot with water and heat it to a boil. Make sure this pot is large enough to fit your wig. Once the pot is boiling, it’s time to add your dye. Check your manufacturer’s instructions on how much dye to add to your pot, but typically, it will be around three teaspoons for every cup. Then, reduce the heat.

From here, slightly dampen your wig before submerging it in the water. The longer you leave the wig in the water, the deeper the color will be. However, you won’t want to leave the wig in the water for longer than a few minutes. Once the wig has reached the desired color, remove it and allow it to dry. Then, rinse out the ink under cold water until it runs clear and allow it to dry again.

Remember that heat can damage synthetic hair. You should consider this when determining the temperature of the water and the duration of the hair treatment.

We don’t recommend dyeing your synthetic braided wig, so if you need a braided wig, check out the over 20 hair colors we offer for most of our custom wigs. Then, select your preferred color from the color swatches.

Whether you want to wear a vibrant hair color or something a little more natural, Instant Arewa Hair has the colors and looks to help elevate your style today.

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