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A Beginner’s Guide To Putting On and Wearing a Wig

A Beginner’s Guide To Putting On and Wearing a Wig

Wigs are an excellent way to broaden your style. They provide a way to explore different lengths and personalities for your hair. A beginner’s guide to putting on and wearing a wig is just what you need to embark on your life as a wig-wearer.

Wig Caps

First things first, you’ll need to know what cap size you are. Most women are average size but measure the circumference of your head to know for sure. If you have short natural hair, you’re going to brush it back away from your face, then pin it there. Hairspray is a useful tool when doing this, but make sure not to get any on the wig.

If your natural hair is long, it’s best to tightly French braid and cross it over just above the nape, securing them at the top and bottom with clips. Place the wig cap at the front of your natural hairline, pulling the cap to the back of your head. Tuck away stray hairs and secure the wig in place with more clips.

Putting On the Wig

Unwrap your new wig and hold it in front of you with the tag in the back. Tilt your head forward, placing the wig on your front hairline. You can adjust it until it feels comfortable and natural. Secure the wig in place with clips or tape. That’s it!

Maintaining Your Wig

There are a few necessary items to have handy to maintain the integrity of your wig: a wig stand, a wig brush, and wig shampoo. You never want to use your natural hair shampoo on it, nor should you use natural hair products. This will cause buildup, and your wig won’t last as long. Don’t brush your wig while it’s wet since this will stretch it, permanently damaging the fibers. You only need to wash it every 5-10 wears.

Growing the Collection

After you’ve grown confident in your wig-wearing abilities, it’s only natural to expand your collection. Instant Arewa Hair has a gorgeous collection! You can try all different kinds of styles, from natural to African American headband wigs.

Wigs are an expansion of your beauty. They allow you to play with different styles and extend beyond just accessories. Have fun, and then after some time, you won’t feel like you need a beginner’s guide to putting on and wearing a wig anymore.

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